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St Alban’s Parenting Forum Activities

Much of the credit for the Academy’s outstanding achievements must go to our close relationship with the parents.  The ‘Triangle’ of academy staff, students and parents working together is the best way to ensure success for our students in their education and post academy future.

Through consultations with parents to find out what more we can do to help them support their children at home, we discovered that some of them have learning needs and, for various reasons, are unable to access adult learning.  Our parents’ learning needs include IT, mathematics and English language, with some having no knowledge at all of these subjects.  This makes it challenging for them to understand fully what is being discussed at their children’s target setting days and parents’ evenings.  Some are also unable to support their children with homework and revision.  In some cases there is a need for integration into the British culture and way of life.

Currently we are running two English language classes for parents:

On Tuesday from 10.00 till 11:00: an hour long lesson for the beginners

On Thursday from 10:00 till 11:00: an hour long lesson for the advanced

These lessons are taught by the academy’s Director of Language for Learning who uses the same strategies and methods that have been so successful with students.  As well as getting a first class education, the parents also get an opportunity to see how their children are taught here at Ark St Alban’s Academy

As well as literacy, we invite the parents for awareness-raising sessions on issues such as positive parenting, keeping their children safe, healthy eating, child protection, and the dangers of unregulated internet use and gang culture.

We also invite the academy’s senior leadership team, heads of departments, subject leaders and pastoral staff to introduce themselves to the parents and to explain how their role fits in with the children and young people’s education, and how the parents can give support.  This gives parents the opportunity to engage with and be part of the academy.

The current topic being covered on Tuesday is the Positive Parenting Programme (‘TRIPLE P’) which is running for 8 weeks. The session starts at 10:00 and ends at 12:30

We also run periodic sessions for parents to scrutinize their children’s progress record, including positive and negative events, assessment results, attendance records and behaviour log.

All our parents’ activities are supported by members of the academy staff who speak the community languages.

After the sessions parents can speak to their children’s teachers, pastoral staff and the senior leadership team (if available) about any concerns they may have; or they can book an appointment to meet with the appropriate member of staff.  In turn the academy staff can speak to parents about any concerns they may have.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Nasser Mockbill

Academy Community Liaison Co-ordinator

St Alban’s Academy

Conybere Street



B12 0YH

By email:

Direct Number: 0121 446 1307

Main reception: 0121 446 1300