Exam Results

Summer 2017 Exam results will be available for collection on the following dates:

A level                     Thursday 17th August 2017           7.30am until 11am in the 6th form area

GCSE                     Thursday 24th August 2017           10am until 1pm in the canteen.

Code of conduct

Students should understand the consequences of their actions.  St Albans’ students are encouraged to make the right choices and made aware of the consequences of the wrong choice.

St Albans has a clear code of conduct which students are expected to observe in and outside the school.  Good behaviour is rewarded, collectively and individually and students are encouraged to earn rewards.

Academy Rewards

Adults and students in our school will give praise often.  Students will be rewarded for their good behaviour either individually, as a class member, as a year group member and as a house member.

The complete code of conduct and rewards table and advice to parents is contained in the home handbook which is provided to all parents when their child joins the school.