Sixth Form Applications and September 2019

Student's collecting their GCSE results are invited to collect them from the academy between 10am and 1pm on Thursday 22nd August. Internal and external students can also use this time to enroll in sixth form.


If you would like to apply for a place in our Sixth Form, please use the link below.

Ark St Alban's Academy Sixth Form Application Form


Please be aware that only Years 7 and 12 are expected to return to the Academy on Wednesday 4th of September 2019.

Years 8,9,10,11 and 13 will return on Thursday 5th of September 2019.



The Religious Studies Department aims to equip all students with an understanding of the teachings and practices of the major world religions. As a Church of England academy we aim to ensure all students have a deep understanding of Christianity while also trying to reflect the religious backgrounds of our students. We want all students to leave having considered their own responses to religious ideas and a keen understanding of how these are put into practice in the world around them.




Half Term 1: Right and wrong: commandments

Half Term 2: Spirituality and worship

Half Term 3: Good and bad: the problem of evil

Half Term 4: What is authority: religious leaders

Half Term 5: Miracles of Jesus

Half Term 6: Buddhism and suffering


Half Term 1: Religious Founders

Half Term 2: Religion in the world: the environment

Half Term 3: Special days

Half Term 4: Women and religion

Half Term 5: Life of Prophet Muhammad

Half Term 6: Death and beyond


Half Term 1: ‘Incredibles’: people who changed the world

Half Term 2: Rites of passage

Half Term 3: is religion dangerous?

Half Term 4: Holy week

Half Term 5: Islam : Key beliefs

Half Term 6: Big questions ; Ethics


Year 10

Exam board


Half Term 1: Islam – Beliefs and values

Half Term 2: Christianity – Believing in God

Half Term 3: Islam – Community and tradition

Half Term 4: Christianity – Matters of life and death

Half Term 5: Islam – Worship and celebration

Half Term 6: Christianity – Marriage and the family


Year 11 -

Exam Board:


Programme of Study:

Half Term 1: Equality (Islam)

Half Term 2: Philosophy of religion (Islam)

Half Term 3: Christian Beliefs

Half Term 4: Living the Christian life

Half Term 5: Revision


Year 12:

Term 1: The life of the Prophet

                The Cosmological Argument

Term 2: The life of the Prophet

                Atheism and Post-modernism

Term 3: AS exams


Year 13:

Term 1: Islam 2

                Faith communities and practice in the UK

Term 2: Islam 2

                Interfaith, marriage and family in the UK

Term 3: A2 exams