Summer Examinations

Please see the GCSE, A Level and BTEC exam dates below:

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The History Department aims to equip all students with the skills to make judgements about the past as well as the ability to apply these to current world affairs. We want all students to leave with a well-rounded rounded knowledge of important people and events spanning a variety of historical contexts. Students will encounter a variety of cultures and time-periods, allowing students to explore and better understand the world and country that we live in today.



  • Half Term 1: Mystery of the Skeletons: what do historians do?
  • Half Term 2: Battle of Hastings and the Norman Invasion
  • Half Term 3: Power in Medieval Britain: who ruled Britain?
  • Half Term 4: The Crusades: why did people fight for their beliefs?
  • Half Term 5: Life in Medieval England
  • Half Term 6: Black  Death and Peasants’ Revolt: how did things change by the late medieval period?


  • Half Term 1: Tudor Religion
  • Half Term 2: The English Civil War
  • Half Term 3: The Industrial Revolution: why?
  • Half Term 4: The Industrial Revolution and its effects on Birmingham
  • Half Term 5: British Empire: should we be proud?
  • Half Term 6: The Slave Trade.


  • Half Term 1: Edwardian Britain
  • Half Term 2: World War One
  • Half Term 3: The Inter-War Period
  • Half Term 4: World War Two
  • Half Term 5: The Holocaust
  • Half Term 6: USA in the 1920s / begin GCSE course: the Cold War


YEAR 10 –

Exam board


Half Term 1: The origins of the Cold War

Half Term 2: The nature of the Cold War

Half Term 3: War and the Transformation of Britain

Half Term 4: War and the Transformation of Britain

Half Term 5: Civil Rights in America

Half Term 6: Civil Rights in America: Controlled Assessment Part A -.


  • Exam Board:


    Programme of Study:

    Half Term 1: USA : conflict at home and abroad. Henry VII and his ministers

    Half Term 2: Henry VII and his ministers

    Half Term 3: Crime & Punishment. Henry VIII and his ministers

    Half Term 4: Revision

    Half Term 5: Revision


YEAR 12 - edexcel

  • Half Term 1: Communist states in the 20th Century
  • Half Term 2: Focus – Russia 1917 - 1991
  • Half Term 3: Why did the soviet union collapse in 1991?
  • Half Term 4 – 5 : Communist states in the 20th century. Focus – China 1949
  • Half Term 6: Independent project


  • Half Term 1- 2 : Independent project
  • Half Term 3 – 4 : The Tudors and revision

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