Exam Results Day and Sixth Form application information.

Exam results day for Sixth Form is Thursday 16th August 10am-1pm and for GCSE it is on Thursday 23rd August 10am-1pm.

Applications for our sixth form are still open. Enrolment will take place on GCSE results day. Hope to see you then!

Year 10 students compete in Ark Senior Debating Championships.

Early on Thursday 8th March, 5 Year 10 students traveled to London to represent the academy at the Ark Senior Debating Championships. The venue, Dartmouth house, is one of the most notable and beautiful properties in Mayfair. In this setting, the students spoke bravely and eloquently in three debates: 'This house would allow performance enhancing drugs', 'This house would ban all music that glorifies violence' and 'This house would ban school uniform'. 


Throughout the day the students conducted themselves positively and professionally. Most noticeably, and what we are most proud of, is the marked improvement in their public speaking across the day.


Through debating, students learn invaluable soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, time-management and of course, public speaking skills. These skills are key to succeeding at university and giving back to the community.