At Ark St Alban's Academy we offer a range of subjects that can be taken at our Sixth Form.

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A Level

Arabic - A Level

Arabic is one of the world’s most important languages, spoken by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  This course guides students to explore and develop an understanding of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of one or more of the countries or communities whose language is Arabic.

Art - A Level

This qualification provides students with opportunities to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms. Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences employing a range of media, processes and techniques appropriate to the chosen area of study.

Biology - A Level

GM crops, cloning, designer babies, DNA fingerprinting, antibiotic resistance, MMR, global warming and over fishing - the list could go on. This course aims to stimulate interest and enjoyment of biology, to foster imaginative, logical and critical thinking, and to demonstrate the wider application of biological knowledge, showing appreciation for social, environmental, economic and technological contributions to society.

Chemistry - A Level

The world we live in has been shaped by chemistry. Chemistry is everywhere and one reason why many students study chemistry is because they want to help change the world, through research and its application. Our A Level course aims to stimulate interest and enjoyment of chemistry, to foster imaginative, logical and critical thinking, to demonstrate the wider application of chemical knowledge, showing appreciation for social, environmental, economic and technological contributions to society.

Computing - A Level

A course in Computer Science will lead to numerous degree course options and will be highly relevant whether you’re thinking of becoming a Cyber Security expert or you’re interested in Engineering. If you’ve ever wondered how computers work and how to create computer programs, this course is the course for you. There will be lots of opportunities to develop your programming knowledge and skills and you’ll enjoy a balance of theoretical and practical activities throughout the course.

Economics - A Level

A course that will give you sound grounding in understanding the impact of economics on the world around you. You will be considering current affairs questions such as will the Eurozone survive. Why is China’s economy growing. Content: you will be introduced to the nature of economics, how markets work and why they fail. You will also consider the role of government and the UK economy. You will explore how businesses grow and compete, the labour market and how the government intervenes to make markets work better. You will also explore international trade, inequality within and between countries, emerging and developing economies, and the public finances. You will also have an opportunity to consider the role and impact of the financial sector.

English Literature - A Level

This course will allow you to explore different worlds, times and cultures. It will empower you with the gifts of reasoning, reflection and communication, and equip you for almost any career where clear thinking and communication are important. You will learn to appreciate the rich history of English Literature and begin to understand the impact it has had on the world.

Geography - A Level

Studying Geography helps explain much of what is going on in the world right now, from climate change and natural disasters, to globalisation and the Arab Spring. Geography helps us make sense of a complex and dynamic world. It was been defined amongst the key ‘facilitating’ or ‘hard’ subjects in a guide compiled by the Russell Group (the UK’s leading universities).

History - A Level

History is all about connecting the world we live in today to that of the past. This course is suited to those who have an interest in modern history and want to integrate their knowledge with contemporary politics and international relations, as well as those who have a passion for studying new and different cultures and societies and seeing what lessons can be learnt from other places and other times.

Mathematics - A Level

One of the benefits of studying mathematics is the variety of career paths it provides. Studies show that the top jobs in terms of income and other factors were careers suited for mathematics graduates. Mathematics equips you with logical and analytical skills which are highly sought after in many sectors of the economy, such as business, industry and the civil service.

Music - A Level

Studio producer, live sound engineer, journalist and industry finance are just a few of the career options that this highly competitive A level course grants you access to. We are equipped with a fully working recording studio, multiple instruments and a 15 computer Mac suite. This course will teach you about the development of music technology from 1910 onwards through composition, performance and analysis of music. Our members staff are highly trained, hold specialist degrees in music technology and strive to share their knowledge with young ambitious musicians.

Physics - A Level

Our new specialised physics laboratory comes with state of the art equipment and IT facilities. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic physics teachers will give you a stimulating and rewarding educational experience, with a rigorous approach to building on basic concepts. Students will learn how physics can explain the world around us and will have the opportunity to develop the practical skills required for degree level science.

Product Design - A Level

Product Design offers a wide range of project choice, design individuality and material focus, with an opportunity to design and make individual products throughout both years of the course. The course also develops the skills of further creativity and provides inspiration, challenge and insight into related manufacturing/engineering sectors. The course develops independent learning skills, decision making, creativity and critical analysis through individual and collaborative working.

Psychology - A Level

Have you ever been interested in why some people develop brain disorders such as schizophrenia? Psychology is the study of the ‘science of mind and behaviour’. It is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivation behind them. Those who study psychology have the opportunity to learn about, understand and evaluate issues happening in everyday life and their applications to the wider world.

Religious Studies - A Level

This course provides opportunity for the detailed study of religious beliefs, practices and philosophy and their consequences for individuals and society in today’s world. Students will study a variety of religions with a particular focus on Christianity and Islam. They will develop research and independent study skills and their capacity to evaluate the meaning and consequences of beliefs and philosophies.

Sociology - A Level

Why do some people seem to get more power in society than others? Sociology is a subject for people who like to ask questions about the things that other people take for granted. It helps us explore and understand the cultures we live in. Sociology helps students to see the strengths and weaknesses of different arguments and use evidence to support those arguments.



Health & Social Care - BTEC Level 3

Responding to popular demand we have introduced the Level 3 BTEC in Health and Social Care.  This is a challenging academic course in which you will study a wide array of health related subjects.  We have worked to provide diversity within the course so that the range of career opportunities for the students beyond their sixth for study is wide and interesting.  There is a strong examination section to the course for the first time whilst remaining mostly coursework.  Topics range from Anatomy and Physiology to Promoting public health with many fascinating topics between.  If you feel that you would do well in a profession where caring for others is paramount then this is the course for you.

Science - Level 3 Extended Diploma

The BTEC qualifications in Applied Science enable students to achieve a nationally recognised level 3 vocationally-specific qualification. They are designed to provide specialist work related programmes of study that cover the key knowledge and practical skills required in the science sector. This is a practicalbased course and the underpinning scientific theory is taught at an academic level.