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Hello, and welcome to the very first edition of the Student Central Blog for Ark St. Alban’s Academy Sixth Form, presented to you by three members of our very own student leadership team. Bi-weekly, we will discuss the different experiences students face throughout the academic year as well as discussing topical matters pervading our everyday lives.

On this week’s edition we will take time to introduce ourselves, interviewing each other as we give you an insight on life in Y13.


How long have you been part of Ark St Albans?

Waseem: I’ve been a part of the school since Year 7, I feel comfortable in my surroundings.

Ubaydah: This is my second year at Sixth Form.

Hamzah: I’ve been here since Year 7.

Ashraful: Yeah, same as Hamzah, I too have been a part of the St. Albans cohort since Year 7, the old building and all. Funnily enough I knew Hamzah for much longer, since like Year 1.

What do you study?

Waseem: I study RE, History and English.

Ubaydah: I study Economics, History and Chemistry.

Hamzah: I study History, Sociology and English.

Ashraful: Ah yes, a blog full of Historians :) I also study History along with English Lit and Art.

What is your favourite subject out of the three? And why?

Waseem: History is my favourite as I feel we can learn valuable lessons by looking at the mistakes of the past.

Ubaydah: Last year I thoroughly enjoyed history and economics due to having an exceptional teacher who inspired learning and made it fun.

Hamzah: My favourite subject is history, as I love learning about our past as a race and how it affected us, now in the present.

Ashraful: Too hard to pick, buuut if I had to it'd be history as I want to carry it into further higher education.

Views on university?

Waseem: I like the idea of specialising in a subject at university and therefore see it as necessary in my progression as a student and most importantly as a human being. However University is not the only option to leading a successful and enjoyable life.

Ubaydah: University is an option to move forward in life, I think it’s a great opportunity for people to learn more about themselves and be independent.

Hamzah: University is only one of many options leading to a successful life.

Ashraful: I meeeaaaann with today's economic landscape it's hard to get anywhere without that piece of paper that says “Degree”, so I think Uni is one of the few options I have.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Waseem: I want to be in a position of security and most importantly living a worthwhile life.

Ubaydah: I’ve never had clear aspirations in life, as long as I’m content and happy with what I’m doing.  I find that to be the most important thing I should strive for.

Hamzah: I like to live for the present and just work toward become a better happier person.  I don’t want to layout my future so early on in my life.

Ashraful: It’s very hard to think about the future so early on, but maybe teaching history at a college along with carrying on art as a hobby.

What motivates you?

Waseem: I am motivated by the desire to be the best possible version of myself and therefore I embrace my competitive spirit to ensure I’m constantly improving. 

Ubaydah: I’m motivated by time and failure, as well as being the best possible version of myself.

Hamzah: I’m motivated by the aspiration of being able to support myself and living a life that I want to live. 

Ashraful: I can be a very competitive person, sometimes seeing my peers as rivals I need to compete against (not a good idea 3/10 wouldn't recommend). Apart from that I’m motivated by the idea of failure or just lagging behind, I appreciate and love that feeling of progression.

Who influences you?

Waseem: My influences are people who enjoy longevity in their professions and able to sustain their success. Like LeBron James who a plays an active role in helping the community through his foundation as well as being on top of his game.

Ubaydah: My friends, due to the fact that I spend most of my time with them, it is only natural that they’ll be large influences for me…. Oh and my eldest brother.

Hamzah: I influence myself.

Ashraful: I find it is the underdogs and those who exceed expectations who influence me a lot, I admire their very real ambition, drive and grit - I find this to be true in many of my musical artist choices, being a supporter of 2Pac and 50 Cent.

Lookout for the next edition where we dig into topics and exclusively interview a member of staff on their university experience!