Ark St Alban's Academy as a Church of England school


  1. Ark St Alban’s Academy is a Church of England school in the Diocese of Birmingham.
  2. As such, it is bound to follow directives issued by the Diocesan Board of Education under the authority of the Bishop of Birmingham.
  3. These directives are summarised in the document “Birmingham Church of England Guarantee”  Birmingham-Church-of-England-Guarantee(2014).pdf
  4. In light of this document, the Academy endeavours:
    1. to instil in its students a “distinctive appreciation of time, that there is more to life than busyness, which should be put aside for prayer at least once a day”;
    2. to offer “high quality Collective Worship which is engaging, inspiring and transformational” in recognition and appreciation of the rich cultural diversity of our students.
    3. to offer opportunities to students “to contribute to worship”;
    4. to offer to students spaces dedicated exclusively to prayer, inside the school building (Prayer Room) and in the local parish church;
    5. to highlight the “rhythm of the Christian calendar”;
    6. to stress the distinctively inclusive “Christian ethos” of the school;
  5. Stressing a distinctively inclusive Christian ethos of this Academy means:
    1. encouraging and challenging staff and students to grow in their own faith or belief;
    2. celebrating the diversity of its student population in its ethnic, cultural and religious composition;
    3. affirming that every child matters to God especially the most vulnerable;
    4. cultivating students’ spirituality to encompass a sense of wonder and of mystery and a moral sense of right and wrong;
    5. promoting prayer and/or meditation among staff and students.


"The positive ways in which school leaders and governors have secured strong attainment and progress for all groups of pupils, meeting their academic needs well within an inclusive and caring Christian environment that is recognised by pupils and their parents." (SIAMS report - 2017)