Ark Schools Partnership

Teachers and support staff at Ark St Alban’s engage in a wide range of training and development with partner schools in the Ark Network.  The quality of training provided for our staff members in house and through the Ark network is second to none.

Ark Birmingham Hub

Other Ark academies in the city are:

Ark Boutlon Academy (secondary)

Ark King’s Academy (secondary)

Ark Chamberlain Academy (primary)

Ark Rose Academy (primary)

Ark Tindal Academy (primary)

Ark Victoria (primary and secondary)

These academies share information and training in a strong, mutually supportive partnership.

The academy also benefits from engagement with a number of other productive partnerships that contribute to our continuing success through sharing good practice and collaborative professional development.

These include:

Diocesan Board of Education

Through the Diocese the academy accesses valuable training and development opportunities and a range of vital services including support for our church school mission, advice and resources for religious education and collective worship,  the management of admissions and appeals and access to other faith groups in the city.

Ark St Alban’s Primary Network

The academy facilitates a strong network involving local primary schools working together to raise attainment in Highgate.  There is a strong focus on leadership and management and on raising attainment in the core subjects.  There are regular meetings of head teachers, of literacy coordinators and of maths coordinators. The network also plays a vital role in supporting the effective transition of students from key stage 2 to key stage 3.

Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP)

The academy is a founder member of this partnership that includes the majority of schools of all types in the city.  It aims to ensure that all Birmingham children have high quality education at good or outstanding schools.  The BEP has an increasingly central role leading school improvement across the city through the provision of training, collaborative, development and targeted support.  The academy principal is a member of the governing committee.

Central Secondary Network

Our partner schools in this network are Golden Hillock, Saltley, Yardleys, Small Heath, Bordesley Green Girls, Waverley, Holy Trinity, Perry Beeches 2, Perry Beeches 3 and Washwood Heath.  Subject network groups meet regularly as do the head teachers and other senior staff.  The focus is on leadership issues and improving exam results.   The schools also work together through the Sharing Panel to find places for children without a school.