Ark St Alban’s Academy our specialisms: mathematics and engineering

We have developed our engineering and mathematics specialism with the following objectives:

  • To raise standards of attainment across all areas
  • To contextualise, unify and lend coherence to the curriculum
  • To develop independent learners who understand the connections between disciplines
  • To support cross-curricular and project based learning
  • To use engineering processes as unifying elements, applying problem solving techniques and relating learning to real life contexts, across the curriculum
  • To explore engineering and mathematics as means of developing solutions for challenges in the world
  • To provide a pathway for our students to develop into economically productive citizens concerned for the moral and spiritual wellbeing of others
  • To explore ethical issues including respect for the natural environment and the creation and distribution of wealth
  • To provide high quality academic and vocational education by working with business partners including Aston University, Birmingham Metropolitan College, BMW Hams Hall and Cadbury
  • To enable students to learn about engineering and mathematics through practical links with local engineering and manufacturing companies, benefitting from the resources offered by the city
  • To work with industry and further and higher education to enhance our curriculum and prepare students for progression beyond 16
  • To enable students to understand the potential of engineering as a high status academic and practical discipline
  • To use engineering as a focus for learning and a way of thinking right across the curriculum and especially in mathematics, science and technology