Big congratulations to the following students for their successful applications; Syed Abbas Naqvi, Muizz Shah, Sadia Yuusuf, Laiba Ehsan, Bilal Aden and Abdighani Isa (unfortunately absent for photo)

A bit of background history- students who complete this programme and meet the academic entry criteria will be eligible for a reduced academic offer on the universities undergraduate medicine degree. The aim is to give students not only an insight into what it is like to work within the medical field but to also give them information, advice and guidance around how to successfully apply to medical school, what it is like to study medicine as a degree, increase their attainment and learn more about other healthcare professions.

This programme is made up of a range of activities and events which will run during years 12 and 13, with the aim of preparing students to enter a medical school and other healthcare pathways.