If you strive to learn more about business, the way they operate and how the external environment can impact a business then business is the KS4 subject for you. The department prepares students to work in the ever-increasing competitive world where the efficiency and effectiveness of the business community is vital for success and growth of the nation.

Students will be able to identify what makes a successful business and why businesses fail, assess how business people meet the challenges of the environment, the impact of changing technology, globalisation and competition. Students will also identify what makes a successful entrepreneur and what they can do with a really good business idea.

Students apply their knowledge and understanding to different business case studies ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals and businesses operating in local, national and global contexts. Students develop an understanding of how these contexts impact on business behaviour. Students will learn the importance of finance for businesses and the key life skill of decision-making as they start to offer advice to the business case studies we look at.


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Ms E Castle – Head of Business

Ms R Kauser – Tacher of Business


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