The Religious Studies Department aims to equip all students with an understanding of the teachings and practices of the major world religions. As a Church of England academy we aim to ensure all students have a deep understanding of Christianity while also trying to reflect the religious backgrounds of our students. We want all students to leave having considered their own responses to religious ideas and a keen understanding of how these are put into practice in the world around them.




Half Term 1: Right and wrong: commandments

Half Term 2: Spirituality and worship

Half Term 3: Good and bad: the problem of evil

Half Term 4: What is authority: religious leaders

Half Term 5: Miracles of Jesus

Half Term 6: Buddhism and suffering


Half Term 1: Religious Founders

Half Term 2: Religion in the world: the environment

Half Term 3: Special days

Half Term 4: Women and religion

Half Term 5: Life of Prophet Muhammad

Half Term 6: Death and beyond


Half Term 1: ‘Incredibles’: people who changed the world

Half Term 2: Rites of passage

Half Term 3: is religion dangerous?

Half Term 4: Holy week

Half Term 5: Islam : Key beliefs

Half Term 6: Big questions ; Ethics


Year 10

Exam board


Half Term 1: Islam – Beliefs and values

Half Term 2: Christianity – Believing in God

Half Term 3: Islam – Community and tradition

Half Term 4: Christianity – Matters of life and death

Half Term 5: Islam – Worship and celebration

Half Term 6: Christianity – Marriage and the family


Year 11 -

Exam Board:


Programme of Study:

Half Term 1: Equality (Islam)

Half Term 2: Philosophy of religion (Islam)

Half Term 3: Christian Beliefs

Half Term 4: Living the Christian life

Half Term 5: Revision


Year 12:

Term 1: The life of the Prophet

                The Cosmological Argument

Term 2: The life of the Prophet

                Atheism and Post-modernism

Term 3: AS exams


Year 13:

Term 1: Islam 2

                Faith communities and practice in the UK

Term 2: Islam 2

                Interfaith, marriage and family in the UK

Term 3: A2 exams