At Ark St Alban’s Academy, pupils are provided with a wide-ranging enrichment offer which allows them to develop their character and university preparatory competencies.

Our enrichment offer broadly combines four categories:

  1. Creative and performance arts
  2. Critical thinking and academic enrichment 
  3. Sport, Fitness and Outdoor Pursuits 
  4. Competitions 

Choices around what to include in the enrichment offer are reviewed on a termly basis.

These choices are driven by identifying opportunities that will most effectively develop the character and university preparedness of our pupils, and by reflecting upon the passion and expertise of our existing staff team. Pupil voice also plays a pivotal role in reviewing and iterating the enrichment offer.

After-school Clubs Timetable

After-school clubs take place between 3pm and 4.10pm on the days below. 

Club Day
Year 7 & Year 8 Boys Football Monday
Girls Football Monday
Year 12 Boys Football Tuesday
Climbing Tuesday
Year 13 Boys Football Wednesday
Boys and Girls Cricket Wednesday
Girls Basketball Wednesday
Boys Basketball Thursday
Year 9 Boys Football Thursday
Boys and Girls Table Tennis Thursday
Year 10 & Year 11 Boys Football Friday