At Ark St Alban’s Academy, our curriculum is best understood through the answers to the following three questions:

1. Intent: why do we teach what we teach?

2. Implementation: how do we teach what we teach?

3. Impact: how do we know what pupils have learnt and how well they have learnt it?


The Ark St Alban’s Academy curriculum has two key aims:

  • Providing all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, with the skills, knowledge and qualifications that they will need to succeed in studying at selective universities and in pursuing prestigious careers.
  • Providing all pupils who need it with the urgent and precise support required in literacy and numeracy to catch-up and keep up with their peers.

It is a university preparatory curriculum and it is designed around the academic and facilitating subjects which form the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc).

Our subject offer at sixth form, builds on the work of the previous five years, offering pupils the opportunity to study a wide range of academic subjects and vocational courses that support access to top-third universities and top-100 apprenticeships.

The subjects and qualifications provided work alongside a comprehensive Character Curriculum and Enrichment Offer to prepare our pupils for success at university and beyond.


Our academic curriculum is taught and sequenced in a way which supports pupils to know and remember more over time. It supports pupils to flourish as confident learners by prioritising three key approaches:

  • Continually building on prior knowledge, and where gaps exist in that prior knowledge, identifying and addressing them precisely and quickly.
  • Providing regular opportunities for pupils to read challenging texts and using consistent approaches in teaching pupils to become increasingly fluent readers.
  • Planning each lesson around a carefully chosen learning aim which all pupils have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of through independent practice.

Our approach to assessment allows pupils and teachers to regularly measure progress and to identify steps for improvement both within individual lessons, during each topic and at the end of each term when reports are also shared with parents.


The impact of our curriculum is seen in the preparedness of our pupils to fulfil their God-given talents as they move into their next stage of educational, employment of training.

The progress that children make at Ark St Alban’s Academy by the end of Year 11 is well-above the national average. This is true for all pupils, including those with special educational needs and disabilities and for those who are disadvantaged.

Almost all of our pupils go on to attend Good or Outstanding providers at the end of Year 11, with many choosing to study at our sixth form.

At the end of Year 13, almost all of our pupils go on to study at university.

The number achieving places at selective and Russell Group universities is increasing each year, as is the number achieving places to study prestigious courses such as medicine, engineering and law.

We are proud of the achievements of all of our alumni. Learning from their successes informs our ongoing work to continually improve the impact of our curriculum.