You don't have to be part of the Eco-Committee to get involved in benefiting the environment through Eco Projects. We want to encourage everybody to get involved and so we have provided some ideas of things you can do. The different ideas listed below are worth different numbers of Merits. Once you complete the project, submit it using the correct form and this work will be sent to us in an email so that your work can be admired (maybe even displayed!) and merits can be added as recognition of all your hard work!


Ten Topics

For all of the projects you can choose one of the Eco-Schools "Ten Topics" to focus on. Select the topic listed below to find out more:



Global Citizenship

Healthy Living 



School Grounds






Project 1:

Create a poster on one of the Eco-Schools "Ten Topics"

Number of Merits: 5

Submit Project 1 Here


Project 2

Write an environmental blog post based on one of the Eco-Schools "Ten Topics". Try to include key features of a blog post and lots of engaging pictures! (The minimum wordcount is 200 words)

Number of Merits: 5

Submit Project 2 Here



Project 3

Create a powerpoint presentation with at least 10 slides based on one of the Eco-Schools "Ten Topics". Within this presentation please include information such as:

  • Why you think the topic is important
  • What you do as an individual to improve in this topic area
  • Ideas for what we could do as a school to improve in this topic area
  • Why you think these changes will make a difference

These are only guidelines so feel free to be as creative as possible!

Number of Merits: 5

Submit Project 3 Here



Project 4

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Challenge!!

How it works... 

  1. Pick up a scavenger hunt ticket from your Head of Year office. They look like this:
  2. Go on a hike with friends or family making sure to bring a camera (or a camera phone!)
  3. When you find an item on the list prop your ticket next to the item and snap your picture to get a tick (and a merit)!
  4. When you are back from your hike upload your photos to the form to get your merits! 

Scavenger Hunt List...

  • Moss
  • Squirrel
  • Bird (BONUS MERIT - Identify the type of bird)
  • Footprints
  • River
  • Spider Web
  • Feather
  • Berries
  • Wild Fruit
  • Holly
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Conkers
  • BONUS PICTURE - Share The Best Photograph You Took All Day


Number of Merits: 1-15 (+ 20 Bonus Merits to the first person in the Academy to complete the Scavenger Hunt!!)

Submit Project 4 Here