Uniform Collection & Purchase

The academy’s uniform policy was written in consultation with parents last year, and circulated to all in July 2013. It is available online via our website. Should you have any queries about any part of the uniform policy it is always best to speak to the student services team for advice before you make a costly purchase. Particularly over summer, you will find shoes advertised as fit for school which would not be acceptable at this academy. Shoes must be plain, black and able to take a polish. They must not in any way resemble trainers. Please ask student services before you buy if you are unsure!


A reminder that uniform can only be bought from the academy and not Clive Marks as in previous years.

Uniform can be collected and final items purchased at the academy on;


Wednesday 20th August 10.00-2.00pm

Wednesday 27th August 10.00-2.00pm

Wednesday 3rd September 10.00-2.00pm