St Alban’s Learning Model

As a specialist engineering and mathematics academy, we prepare students for higher education and their working lives, whatever their career aspirations.  Students at St Alban’s Academy learn the professionalism and responsibility that they will require for a successful career.  Students should feel as trusted and responsible as high potential, valued employees or leaders of a corporate enterprise or professional body.  This gives rise to the following high expections:


To help foster the attitudes and habits that will help them succeed we expect our students to:

  • maintain a disciplined and responsible attitude to learning
  • maintain a professional demeanour around the academy and in lessons
  • always use appropriate, polite and respectful language
  • always wear full and correct academy unitorm
  • be punctual, aim for at least 100% attendance, attend lessons on time and properly equipped.
  • take responsibility for organising their own learning, being aware of their levels of attainment, their targets and the strategies identified for their progression
  • work constructively, both with our students and independently
  • be prepared to take on responsibilities in the academy and perform work related and leadership roles
  • show commitment to the collective pursuit of quality and excellence
  • recognize the authority of all the adults in the academy
  • be polite and hospitable and engage positively with visitors


We also have high expectations of our staff. 

  • We expect them to communicate effectively with pupils regarding their progress so that pupils can take responsibility for their learning. 
  • We expect them to guide, encourage, listen to and challenge pupils to make the best of their abilities and broaden their experiences both within the curriculum and more widely in school life. 
  • We expect excellent professional standards of teaching, lesson preparation and learning materials.


We ask parents to ensure that their children meet the professional standards of our learning community by:

  • arriving punctually every day
  • wearing correct, smart, clean academy uniform and being fully equipped
  • completing required homework and coursework tasks
  • getting enough sleep

Our expectations of students, staff and parents are set out in the parents’ handbook and in our home school agreement.