Did you or anyone in your family come to St Alban’s Academy?


We are looking to create a database of former St Alban’s students, or ‘alumni’. The purpose of the database would be to keep people informed of events at the academy, to celebrate our successes and to establish links with people who have gone on to have successful careers since leaving.


We know that our students are very interested in hearing what people do when they leave school, what careers are available and how to access them, and are particularly keen to hear this sort of information from the people themselves rather than academy staff.


We hope that once we have created our alumni database, former students may be interested in coming to speak to students, participate in events with us or simply keep up to date with what the academy is doing.


If you, a family member or friends came to St Alban’s Academy, and would like to be included on our alumni database, please visit http://futurefirst.org.uk/  and choose the option ‘For Former Students’. Once you have entered the academy name, there is a short form to fill in and your registration is complete.


It doesn’t matter how long ago you were a student here, we would love to hear from you.


We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any queries, please contact 0121 446 1313.