The MFL department endeavours to make language learning meaningful our ever-changing, multicultural world and communities in which our students strive to become knowledgeable ‘World Citizens’. The MFL Department is a dynamic and enthusiastic team of 5 staff members who all share a passion for languages as English, French, Spanish and Arabic native speakers.

An MFL linguist at Ark St Alban’s Academy will have the opportunity to experience a modern foreign language from KS3 with, encompassing study of new vocabulary, grammar and culture in preparation for GCSE languages. Students have the option to study French, Spanish or Arabic at GCSE level and will engage in in-depth study of a range of themes including: identity and culture; local area, holiday and travel; school; future aspirations, study and work; international and global dimension.

Students will be engaged through a wide variety of teaching methods, with student-centred learning at the heart of planning and will be encouraged to communicate through target language regularly throughout lessons.


Meet our Staff

Ms R Matthews – Head of MFL and teacher of Spanish with French

Ms L Ryan - Teacher of Spanish with French

Ms R Joya - Teacher of Spanish with French

Ms C Graham - Teacher of French 

Ms H Arar – Teacher of Arabic


Our KS3 and KS4 Curriculum – French


Our KS4 Curriculum – Spanish


Our KS4 Curriculum – Arabic

Exam Specification


Extra Curricular activities