Thursday 17 December 2020

One of the things that’s changed because of the pandemic is that our students can’t come over to church for interfaith collective worship. That doesn’t mean collective worship stopped: only one way of doing it stopped.

We have done collective worship on a variety of topics in the autumn term;

  • some reflected the Church’s calendar - Harvest, Advent Remembrance and Christmas;
  • others were a reflection of our multifaith and multicultural community - Black History Month and Interfaith Week;
  • and yet others were about caring for ourselves and others - self esteem and Anti-Bullying Week.

The photo is the result of our collective worship in Anti-Bullying Week, each students wrote a pledge on a “brick” which was assembled into the anti-bullying wall you can see. You will notice that there more than a wall of bricks; poppies from our remembrance collective worship decorate the sides of the wall.