Digital competition winners!

Friday 23 April 2021

To celebrate the launch of Walsall Colleges Digital Innovation Hub, they challenged schools and students across the UK to ‘tech’ on their fun digital-themed online quiz! Students were tasked to answer multiple choice questions about technology in a timely fashion. Three of our students who entered the competition successfully won! Also, as we had the most participants, our school won a trophy. Our 1st place winning student Isma, was announced on a live webinar by West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street. A representative from the college attended the academy to award our students with their prizes and we received our trophy.

Big congratulations to the winning students:

1st place – winner of a Fujitsu Laptop – Isma

2nd place – winner of £50 book voucher – Ahmed

3rd place – winner of a £20 book voucher - Masud