Minute Silence

A minute's silence will be held at St Alban’s Academy to remember victims of the Tunisian beach attack. The silence will take place on Friday 3 July (tomorrow) at 09:00BST, a week after the shooting which killed 38 people.

All members of staff and staff will be invited to take part in the one minute silence. An alarm will sound at 9am to signify the start of the 1 minute silence and an alarm will then sound again to signify the end of the 1 minute silence. There will be a prayer from the Christian and Muslim faith that will be sent out tomorrow and we would ask form tutors to read these out at the end of the minute silence. Please feel free to also take part in this silence and prayers even if you do not have a form class.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask Father Nicholas and Mr Mockbill.

Kind regards,

Miss Manzoor