Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

Sunday 11 September 2022

Our school community has been reflecting on the life of Queen Elizabeth.

Following the news of her death on Thursday afternoon, on Friday morning, all pupils took part in Living Our Values lessons or assemblies. These lessons and assemblies memorialised Queen Elizabeth and allowed for further reflection on what it means to be part of period of national mourning.

Throughout and beyond the period of national mourning there will be further opportunities to pause and to reflect on the loss of Queen Elizabeth. This will include next Monday (Monday 19th September) when school will be closed in recognition of the national bank holiday.

Pupils have also been guided to recognise that many people in our community and across the country will be remembering their own experiences of loss and grief. Pupils and parents are reminded that there is a wide-range of support available at the school in response to both short and long-term mental health needs and more information can be found by emailing