Sixth Form attend ' Young Professionals-Innovation Birmingham'

Monday 01 July 2019

I had the pleasure of escorting some of our Year 12 girls to a fantastic event today led by Young Professionals-Innovation Birmingham.

The purpose was for female students who have a desire to pursue a career in the Technology/Business profession.

There were senior speakers for this event and workshops/talks were very inspiring and engaging. It was a fantastic opportunity to get an insight what both sectors can offer and ask lots of questions, as well as an opportunity to network.

The host, Dan Miller (Founder and CEO Award Winning Entrepreneur) for Young Professionals created an App that students had the opportunity to download, which has a range of apprenticeships and work experience opportunities for them to apply for, promoting many of the companies’ opportunities on the day of the event where they have some very special fast track links in place. There was a competition for students to get the opportunity to win an IPad, and I actually won, however, I wasn’t able to have it as I’m not a student L, another name was selected and the lucky winner was Elham Mohamed, so that wasn’t bad after all!

The event of the day consisted of 5 big organisations (IBM - Artificial Intelligence and IBM's technology, PwC - The GIG economy and skills of the future, Capgemini - Big Data and Cloud Infrastructure, EY Lloyds Bank - Open Banking in the Digital era and QA - Cyber Security) putting on workshops (carrousel style) to discuss degree apprentice and give better insight on what’s on offer.

Ms C Steele