St Alban’s live on Sky News

Tuesday 11 February 2014

David Gould (Principal) and students from St Alban’s Academy were featured in live interviews that ran throughout the day on Sky News on Monday 3 February. Speaking live from GCSE Engineering and Art classes, Mr Gould spoke about how the academy promotes good behaviour and closes the achievement gap with its students having to “work harder, and be better” than their private school counterparts.

Unfazed by questions about the longer school day, students said that the staff at St Alban’s “make you believe that you can achieve whatever you want” and that “the teachers are always here after school to support us.” They also commented on the school itself, saying that “having new facilities is the best thing [about St Alban’s] – because they’re of a high standard it makes us work to a high standard as well.”

In the secondary school performance tables published in January, St Alban’s Academy was ranked top in the country for improvement in maths, and in the top 20 most improved schools in the country.