A visit from Nelson Mandela's Chaplain, Colin Chambers

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Having the honour to listen to such an influential figure-whose very existence you can say was a strong factor in Nelson Mandela's desire to overcome apartheid - was something that will be fondly remembered, I'm sure, by all those lucky enough to have listened to him. He allowed us to leave with great understanding of the troubles faced by not only Mandela, but other people discriminated against during those times of distress, and enabled us to aspire to the same commitment and drive shown by Mandela in our own daily lives.

Of the many things that I took away from the presentation, one quote stands with me above all else:

"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Such a simple, yet bold, statement perfectly embodies our core values and showcases the journey that we will all eventually take as we climb up the formidable mountain to university and our chosen careers. It is with moments like these, that we truly begin to understand our potential. Potential that has the ability to transform the world. Potential that can overshadow perceived failure. Potential that can benefit those around us.

Suleman Shah - Head Scholar, Year 13.