Why work for us?

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Are you a talented teacher looking to take the next step in your career? You should work at St Alban’s Academy – and here are six compelling reasons why:

1) Help make a real difference

St Alban’s achieves remarkable results. Not only do we have an Outstanding Ofsted report, and not only are our most recent 5 A*-C at GCSE figures ten percentage points above the national average, but we also have some of the best results for value-added results and progress in core subjects – showing that our staff are having a real impact. Recently, we were shortlisted for both the TES Secondary School of the Year and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths team of the Year. By nearly every measure, St Alban’s is in the top 20% when compared to schools in similar contexts. As a staff member at St Alban’s, you could help make a real difference.

2) Continue to develop throughout your career

We recognise that to achieve great things, we need great people. That’s why we will help you to be the very best that you can be, throughout your entire career. In fact, we take professional development so seriously that Ofsted notes that over 40% of staff observed during their last inspection were judged outstanding and St Alban’s boasts “a well-conceived professional development programme for staff that is very well matched to the school’s priorities”.

As a member of Ark, we offer twice the standard number of training days – including our network-wide ‘Hub Days’ where peers join together to learn and share best practice. There are also opportunities for online training and bespoke learning and mentoring programmes.

We provide regular coaching sessions, including 3 hours of timetabled professional development per-week, twice as many training days as standard, plenty of collaboration in school and across the Ark network. Teachers get nine free periods per week and are encouraged to innovate and be creative in their approach to teaching. The school is filled with the spirit of innovation and collaboration. What is most important is what works.

“We are lucky. We spend most of our energies thinking about how to get our students the best outcomes.”

Ark currently has 34 schools across London, Birmingham, Hastings and Portsmouth (and we are always growing!) so when the time comes for you to move on, there are plenty of opportunities across the network.

"I’ve been really lucky, my school has recognized where I’ve needed it, they’ve always allowed me to go off and develop my skills. I’ve had a lot of CPD in training, coaching, and the new curriculum."

3) You won't be bored. Ever. 

We know that an excellent education means more than just great exam results. It means building scholars’ resilience and character, helping them to be ready for the world. We encourage scholars from different Ark schools to come together and enjoy a wide variety of enrichment events, and that means opportunities for teachers to participate as well.

We have spelling bees, debating contests, sports days and maths 'wrangles,' and it all culminates in the Ark Music Gala, a huge event held at a world famous venue where dozens of schools and hundreds of scholars perform pieces ranging from Adele to Beethoven. See it for yourself:


4) An amazing work environment

As well as being an outstanding school, St Alban’s is an amazing work environment. As well as its state-of-the-art, purpose-built buildings with the best facilities in the city for design technology and engineering, the school is set up to promote the intellectual, spiritual and moral development of the St Alban’s community – as the Guardian recently noted in a piece which praised the school for “uniting faiths”.

5) Be part of something bigger

St Alban’s Academy is part of the Ark network, a non-profit organisation that believes that every child should have the very best start in life, regardless of background, so when the time comes; they are able to go onto university on into the career of their choice.

Our approach is guided by our six pillars and it is working. Schools in the Ark network have achieved some of the best results in the country.

6) It's all about the kids. 

You probably guessed that this would be the final reason to become a teacher at an Ark school. But it's true. As St Alban’s student Amina, who wants to become the first member of her family to go to university before training as a mechanical engineer, said on receiving her GCSE results: “I’ve been inspired by my engineering teacher – whenever we’re in the workshop he always has that thrill in his voice that shows he’s excited about what he’s doing.”