Year 7 go on an energy quest!

Monday 21 March 2022

Last Friday, Carl (an engineer) came in to speak to the pupils about different engineering jobs out there. 

Carl got the pupils to take part in a exciting quiz which allowed them to see which type of engineer fit their personality the best! Carl then explained to the pupils what a pioneer, humanitarian, designer, and maker did and what skills they need to have to do that job. 

After that, Carl showed the class a very interesting video of a poor girl that was lost in the woods with her injured friend Ruby. Unfortunately, her phone was on 2% and then went down to 1% after she finished recording! She wanted Year 7’s help!

The exciting experiment!

Year 7 got straight to thinking! 7Snowdon had some brilliant ideas suchas: using a KitKat wrapper to charge the phone.

What ideas could you think of?
Year 7 got to test out their ideas with a fun experiment that consisted of things you could find in your bag such as: citrus fruits, a speaker, and a phone. They used zinc, copper, and citrus fruits to create a voltage that could charge up a phone. Year 7 measured the highest voltage they could make with the citrus fruits.

Year 7 figured out how to charge a phone! The girl lost in the woods with her friend sent a video back to Year 7 thanking them for helping her and telling her how to charge her phone.

A pupil's opinion!

Jessica, from 7Snowdon, said “The engineering workshop experience was exciting and thrilling. We got to use electrodes such as zinc and copper and the acidic chemicals from citrus fruits The electrolytes were from the citrus fruits. We made the circuit using our designer engineering skills.”
Year 7 had an amazing day!

Could you be an Engineer?

On Friday 11th March, Carl the engineer arrived at the doors of Ark St. Alban’s to ensure that we were acutely aware of the wide variety of engineering jobs that exist. He highlighted to all how being an engineer could be useful in a real life situation. We were taught how a young girl, lost in a forest with her injured friend, Ruby, had to call for help with only a two percent charge on her phone. Using basic supplies from her backpack such as fruits, pennies, and pounds, she was able to charge her phone sufficiently to make that essential call and get aid for the injured Ruby. Given the circumstances, would you be able to do the same?

The day was filled with extraordinary events with an experience unrivalled by any other day so far. Carl was not only extremely friendly and knowledgeable, but also allowed us to share our answers and work with our friends while making our discoveries. Did you know that we only use 8.3% of geothermal energy and 4% of solar power whilst we use 20% of wind power and 28% of nuclear power? What interesting facts!

Even the ever lively year 7 Snowdon group enjoyed the day’s activities. The highlight for most was undoubtedly the experiment where we measured the voltage produced from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. What was your memorable moment? According to Asma, from year 7, “The engineering workshop was very fascinating. As I got to learn about the different types of engineers, it made me think that engineering could be my future career. Overall, I think the day was fantastic and everyone had fun.”

What about you, students of St. Alban’s? Can you possibly be future engineers?

By Jessica

(Year 7 Snowdon).