Year 7 win the league!

Wednesday 26 June 2019

The year 7 football team have won their league after winning all 5 games this season. They beat Holy Trinity, Small Heath, Cockshut Hill, Moseley and Waverley. They worked hard all season to try and achieve this success and this was fully deserved. After losing their first ever game in the cup 15-0 to St Peters of Solihull, they went on to win all 5 of their league matches to finish top. They showed excellent motivation, resilience, determination, dedication and pride in every game they played and deserve this success. They also lost narrowly in the cup semi final to Tile cross but the league title was theirs.


The Team:

Diaz Mcintosh

Yaser Omar

Abaan Amhray

Ali Alenzi

Abdullahi Ahmed

Abdul Rahman Mohamed

Zak Gannah

Idriss Kassim

Rahi Rahi

Ilyas Mohammed

Abdulghafour Hassan

Mahad Guled

Mahdi Mkheilef