Introduction to Health Care with Keith Bradshaw

Thursday 14 March 2019

Last Wednesday we launched the 'Keith Bradshaw Introduction to Health Care' program here at Ark St Alban's Academy.

The program is a new incentive offered from Birmingham University aimed at those students who have an interest in studying any form of Health Care profession when they leave in year 11. The program aimed at year 9 and 10, is exactly what it says, an Introduction to healthcare. 

55 St Alban's student made a written application to take part in the program, highlighting their desires and dreams about what they want career they want to follow, chosen by Head's of Year those successful students took part in a three hour workshop.

The workshops led by five ambassadors from the University, looked at the choice of carers, different routes to getting where they want to be and finally making a career pathway, including goals on how to get there.  " your GCSE's are the foundation of you goals" said Dersim (Year 10), 

The workshop will be followed up in July with a day at Birmingham University, taking part in "a  day in the life of  a medical student" attending lectures etc.

A great successful start to what hopes to be an amazing program.