Farhad Norouzi's story

Monday 17 June 2019

Farhad is a year 11 student at Ark St Alban’s Academy in Birmingham. He is currently studying for his GCSEs.

I am the middle child – I have two older and two younger siblings, and we live with our Mum and Dad. My two older brothers have finished university, and I definitely look up to them. One of them did maths and computer science, and the other did engineering, at university. They’ve inspired me to work hard and to go on to university myself. My dad is also an inspiration; he works really hard and always tells us to try our hardest as well. My mum doesn’t speak much English, so I have been helping her to learn. I also help with the washing up, cooking, general housework and cleaning the house.

I joined the school in year 7, at first it was kind of hard but you get used to it over time. I’ve enjoyed school so far, and now it is time for us all to show off everything that we have learned over the last five years. GCSEs are only a week away, so I really need to focus on them.

My favourite subject at school is maths. I’ve always been good at it. I don’t know why. I think it’s because at an early age I always used to do maths at home. I want to study maths, biology and chemistry for my A levels. I’m hoping to stay at Ark St Alban’s because I know the teachers really well. Their main priority is always about helping you – they don’t just tell you information and hope that you will work it out for yourself. They also always go above and beyond, putting on extra classes after school, at weekends and in the holidays.