Book Fair

Wednesday 19 June 2019

An exciting event is about to be held in the Library – a Book Fair! Students will be able to come and browse through a selection of books and purchase them. The titles include lots of new fiction and all of them will appeal to young teens. We are hoping to really encourage the love of reading in our students and to re-kindle their passion for books.

The Fair will be held in the re-opened Library from 27 June – 2 July. We really want students to come along and see what is on offer, even if they do not purchase a book on this occasion. We intend that this will be the first of many occasions when students use the Library for reading and for work.

Our opening times are: Monday – Thursday, 7.30 – 8.15, lunchtimes and then from 3.00 – 3.45.

Thank you,

Mrs Ross.