An inspiring first church service of the year!

Friday 13 September 2019

At Ark St Alban’s we aim to have assemblies and collective worship that everyone can feel part of whatever their religion.

Today our new year 7 students had their first assembly in St Alban’s Church. Together we thought about prayer in our different religions and how it is important to talk to and listen to God. We had readings from the Quran and Bible and a short drama to illustrate how different people pray. Year 7 had given us topics that they wanted to pray about:

  • the Amazon Rainforest,
  • victims of knife crime in our community,
  • a reduction of infections transmitted by polluted water,
  • innocent people caught up in wars,
  • more recycling, and
  • for our teachers who work so hard to help us to learn.

We used these topics as part of our prayers. Students and staff at Ark St Alban’s have written a new school prayer and we used it for the first time in the church today.

Most merciful God,
Give us strength to stand up for what is right and true.
Allow us to prosper and benefit each other in the best ways we can.
We pray you will strengthen our spirits
so that we may learn better,
to glorify our maker,
increase our faith,
make our parents proud,
and contribute to our community.
We are hopeful in your infinite love and mercy.