Ark St Alban's Academy remembers.

Friday 08 November 2019


At Ark St Alban’s Academy, Collective Worship that is sensitive to our religious diversity is important to us. Over the course of this term we have been looking at a broad range of topics, three of these are: giving thanks to God for the food we eat, respecting others and ourselves, and Black History Month. This week our theme is Remembrance. We used the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae to help us think about those who died in war, especially the First World War. At the Academy we think it is important to remember all those who have given ‘the last full measure of devotion’ in support of our country and communities. They came from many different backgrounds and fought for us in many different conflicts.

As part our memorial the students cut out poppies to make a reflection area under the community war memorial, which is in the atrium or our academy. The students wrote on these poppies: remembrances of those who gave their lives in past conflicts and the names of current conflicts around the world.

This reflection area will be moved into St Alban’s Church for our Friday Collective Worship and will stay there for Remembrance Sunday. So, Academy, Church and Community will all be connected in remembering those who have died in war and in praying for those suffering in wars today.


Student testimony: Imaan Siddique, Ifrah Haleema and Aaliyah Anderson year 8

Wearing a poppy is important because it shows we are remembering the people who sacrificed their lives. When people see us wearing the poppy we immediately think of love because the flower represents hope that is growing within us. The poppy also represents peace and reminds us to do all we can to prevent and stop conflict in our modern world. We wear poppies to remember the soldiers from all countries that died for other people’s wellbeing. Supporting this cause is a good thing because the Royal British Legion support modern day soldiers to make sure they can look after themselves. The public outpouring of support around remembrance helps family members gain closure and come to terms with any personal losses they have suffered from wars. Even though people often think of World War I and World War II there are many wars that are currently happening such as in Yemen and Kashmir, and wearing a poppy helps us to remember all those people still fighting around the world from all nationalities and religions. When we wear a poppy we acknowledge the sacrifice people have made and are making and show gratitude for the peaceful society in which we live.