The Ark St Alban’s Chess Club – Online Chess!

Welcome to our online Chess club. Whilst we cannot play games in person at the moment please feel free to practice using Lichess.

It’s a free and runs in a web browser, or through downloadable mobile apps.


Join our Chess team

Access the Ark St Alban’s Academy Chess Team at this link:

To access this you will need to create an account (using your school email address) and request to join the team. Please make sure you identify yourself in the request so that we can authorise it.

Students participating in this team are required to uphold our academy expectations at all times.


Upcoming Events

Over the coming weeks we will be updating this page with a schedule of tournaments (teachers vs teachers, teachers vs students, students vs students) and simultaneous exhibitions (where many players face off against Mr. Dalton and other teachers at once).

Our first tournament will take place on Monday 30th March at 2PM – anyone vs anyone, 5min games with an extra 5 seconds per move. The tournament will last one hour in total. Sign up below:

You must be a member of our Chess team to participate (this must be sorted in advance).