Sport, Health and well-being at Ark St Alban’s Academy teaches excellence through practical performance, mastery of skills, increased participation and knowledge of health and nutrition. The aim of this diverse yet distinct curriculum is to equip students with both the theory and practical knowledge to live a fulfilling healthy, active lifestyle and understand the psychological and physiological benefits of regular participation in sport and exercise. Students have the opportunity take part in adventurous activities such as rock-climbing and sailing as well as being able to compete in sports such as football, badminton, table tennis, and netball. Students also have access to a vast extra-curricular programme which aims to allow our students to flourish by putting their leadership into practice in and outside school and develop their characters further by taking part in nationally accredited awards such as the Duke of Edinburgh award.


Meet the Team

Ms Tranter – Head of Girls P.E.

Mr Faulconbridge - Head of Boys P.E.

Mr Hoban – Teacher of P.E / Assistant Principal and Dean of Students

Ms Moffatt - Teacher of P.E / Deputy SENCO

Ms Taylor - Teacher of P.E / Head of Year 13

Mr Adams – Instructor of Sport


Our KS3 and KS4 Curriculum

Our KS4 Curriculum - Sport Science

Extra Curricular activities


Table Tennis



Rock Climbing