St Alban’s supports pupils wanting to cycle to the academy as it improves individual health and fitness and reduces traffic congestion outside of the main building.   The following rules will ensure that everyone knows how to remain safe and that appropriate permission has been sought from the academy prior to a student cycling to and from school.

Pupils parents and carers must take responsibility for their behaviour and safety on the school journey. The school exercises control within the school grounds, and promotes safe cycling in the process, but is not in a position to implement policies in areas where it has no executive power or responsibility.

The decision on whether or not a student is able to cycle safely to and from school rests with the student and their parent/carer.  The parent/carer is responsible for ensuring that the student has appropriate clothing and protective equipment to ride safely to school and that the bike is roadworthy.

St Albans Academy will offer the opportunity for students to attend bikeability level 1 and 2 courses.


Students must hand in to the academy a permission slip, signed by both themselves and their parent/carer, at the academy office. A list will be held by the academy of all students who have permission from their parents to cycle to school and will be reviewed and updated termly.
All cyclists must dismount outside the academy entrance. No riding is permitted on academy grounds.
All bicycles must be in a roadworthy condition (see below*)
Students must park their cycle in a designated area in the academy. The school will not be held liable in the event of theft or damage. Riders should secure their bikes.
The academy may undertake checks to ensure students leaving their bikes on the premises have handed in their signed permission form.


1. Our Student Council will have a standing agenda item for cycling, or for all travel issues that will include cycling. Students’ questions and suggestions should therefore be communicated to Council representatives.

2. Our School Travel Plan will be updated to include issues and opportunities identified by the Student Council.

Roadworthy condition

Each bicycle should be checked by parents to ensure it is in good roadworthy condition. The following checks should be carried out:

  • Both front and rear brakes work effectively
  • There is a rear reflector
  • The tyres have sufficient tread for all conditions
  • The chain is tensioned and lubricated correctly
  • The saddle, handlebars and pedals are secure and adjusted for the rider
  • There is a working bell
  • Front and rear lights work correctly (if fitted)

The school reserves the right to revoke permission if the above conditions are ignored.


Can be found on the bikeability website at: