Our students are well supported through close monitoring and explicit teaching of study skills. We provide a silent, focused environment where students can concentrate on their studies and develop the self discipline needed for them to access University or the career of their choice. In light of research showing that most sixth forms do not equip young people with the study skills they need to become independent learners, we provide induction training on essential skills as well as sessions delivered as part of the tutor group time to ensure these skills are embedded.

Teacher support is commonly identified by our students as the main reason why they want to stay in the Sixth Form and why students from other schools want to come to us. Our staff are experienced A Level and vocational teachers, who deliver challenging and engaging lessons and personalise learning to suit the needs of the individual students in their small classes. In addition, our staff frequently run after school, weekend and holiday revision sessions to support students preparing for exams.

The pastoral team support subject teachers and students through academic mentoring, close tracking of target and predicted grades and careers advice and guidance.