Mr G Rimmer Principal
Mrs E Clewlow Senior Vice Principal
Ms F O'Connor Vice Principal
Mr L Cole Vice Principal & DSL
Mr M Hoban Assistant Principal 
Mr D Gallanders Assistant Principal
Ms G Farrington Assistant Principal
Mr D Richardson Assistant Principal
Mrs S Mason Director of Data & Assessment
Ms F Maisha Head of Year 7
Ms C Williams & Ms C Vidler-Shemmell Head of Year 8
Ms N Tranter Head of Year 9
Ms V Ellmann Head of Year 10
Ms M Ali Head of Year 11
Ms H Mawdsley Head of Year 12
Ms A Taylor Head of Year 13
Ms C Steele Assistant Head of Year 12 & 13
Ms P Stiyel Learning Support Manager & Deputy DSL
Ms L Moffatt SENCO
Mr N Mockbill Community Liaison Co-ordinator (Arabic)
Mr A Abdulrahman Community Liaison Co-ordinator (Somali)
Mrs A  Begg Attendance Officer
Mr L Jordon Student Services Officer
Ms T Southall Student Support Manager
Mrs J Hooper Executive Assistant to Mr M Gregory, Mr M Dalton and Mrs K Darby
Mr K Ahmed Operations Manager
Mr J Cashmore Data & Examinations Officer, Website & Free School Meals
Ms E Kerr Main Reception
Ms T Leach Personal Assistant to Mrs E Clewlow and Sixth Form Admin
Mrs K Roberts Human Resources Officer
Ms N Mahmood Reception & HR Assistant 
Mrs J Burte Cover Manager
Mr M Ali Senior IT Technician
Mr K Clegg IT Technician
Mr D Crutchley Facilities Manager
Mr P Devine Premises Assistant
Ms M Nicholson Head Housekeeper
Ms J Welsh Director of Literacy
Mr M Dunne Regional Network Lead for Geography & Teaching School Manager
Ms B Colvin Finance Manager
Ms J Lippett Finance Officer 
Fr G Sykes Chaplain