Bullying and violence is wrong.


Everyone in the Academy community has the responsibility to address bullying in line with the policy and practice set out below. It is not acceptable to ignore instances of bullying.

The academy defines bullying as any behaviour, which is deliberately intended to hurt, threaten or frighten another person or group of people. It is usually unprovoked and is often repeated and continued for a long period of time. It always reflects an imbalance and abuse of power. Bullying behaviours are aggressive although they may not seem so. Bullying is also something that doesn’t happen over a period of time. It can happen on an odd occasion where there is an abuse of power.


The SHARP System

At Ark St Alban’s Academy we make use of the School Help Advice Reporting Page (SHARP) System We all work together at St Alban's Academy to help with any problems you may have in or out of school. This helps us keep the academy a safe, friendly and fun place to be. This is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen SUFFERING.


Safeguarding Leads

Ms R Afzal (DSL)

Ms P Stiyel (Learning Support Manager)


The Learning Support Centre (LSC)

The goal of the Learning Support Centre is to break barriers to learning , providing the support and assistance needed to ensure all students can learn in an integrated environment. Services the LSC offers include:
  • Emotional and Social Wellbeing
  • Drama empowerment
  • Counselling
  • Social Skills
  • Brothers in a bright light
  • Mental Health,
  • Circle time and conflict resolution
  • The Sisters’ Club
  • School nurse & Paediatrician
The Learning Support Centre operates by referral only– this means that you can only attend the LSC if you have been sent by the Vice Principle, the Pastoral Manager or your Head of year. This is to ensure to that everyone can be supported in the right way.