We are a no shouting academy. This is because shouting is a loss of emotional control. We don’t shout at each other, ever.


Can you think of 3 reasons (be sure to expand on the reason with 'because, so, therefore) why we have chosen to be a no 'shouting academy?




Can you also draw a logo which captures our 'no shouting' rule?

Once you have drawn it, be sure to share it with us by emailing it (if you can) to rabia.afzal@arkstalbans.org That is Miss Afzal's email address. I don’t want to say too much because we encourage integrity but there may be a surprise for those who submit these logos.


Getting it right here at Ark St Alban’s Academy is easy. We have three simple expectations of every member of our academy – when we all get it right it means there is no learning time lost.

  • Arrive on time, properly equipped.
  • Do your homework and hand it in on time.
  • Do as your teacher asks, without questioning.



Every lesson you begin with a lesson score of a “3”. This means all expectations have been met.

If you do not meet the expectations the following system will be applied.


Student misbehaves in lesson, a warning is issued.



Misbehaviour continues: Lesson score is changed to "2" and student will serve a 30 minute detention on the same day.
If you receive poor scores in more than one lesson during the day you will serve a 60 minute detention.


Misbehaviour continues: Lesson score is changed to "1".
Student is removed from lesson to the Head of Department’s room. Student serves a 45 minute detention on the same day.


Student continues to disrupt learning.

Student is removed to the Isolation Unit and remains there until a family member collects them after 5pm.


Friday Detention - 2 Hours

Two or more days with poor scores in a week, truanting detention or behaving inappropriately during detention.

Saturday Detention - 9am until 12pm in full school uniform

A student has two consecutive Friday detentions in a half term.


There are some things you will get put straight into detention for:

  • Chewing gum
  • Having your top button undone
  • Being late to the academy or a lesson
  • Not completing Independent Practice
  • Swearing in your conversations with each other
  • Having a mobile out at any time (you have to hand this in on arrival to the academy)
  • Arguing with a teacher about a warning
  • Eating or drinking in the corridor/classrooms/library
  • Poor corridor behaviour


And if you do something really wrong…

Certain behaviours for e.g. swearing, bullying, truanting, vandalism, cheating, verbal aggression , will result in serious consequences.

Depending on the nature of the behaviour this may include:

  • 2 hour Friday detention
  • 3 hour Saturday detention
  • Meeting with a member of the senior leadership team and parent
  • Pastoral report
  • Internal exclusion

The most serious of offences could result in permanent exclusion.