School Uniform

School uniform will be available to purchase from Clive Marks. In your goody bag there will a leaflet giving detailed instructions of how to purchase this and a 15% off voucher for your first uniform purchase. Conditions of the voucher usage will be on the leaflet and where the nearest branches are. Please note the voucher can not be used to purchase uniforms on line.

Summary of uniform:



Shirt (White)

Trousers (black)

Tie (in Academy colours)

Socks (Black)

Branded school bag.

PE t-shirt with Logo

PE fleece with Logo

PE shorts or jogging bottoms (Plain Black)


Where and when can I buy uniform?

Parents can buy uniform during opening hours from Clive Marks (38-40 Poplar Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7AD)

You can purchase uniform online or book an appointment to visit their shop in Kings Heath via their website, alternatively, you can simply walk in without an appointment, but be prepared for queues.

On Wednesdays and Sundays Clive Marks don’t have appointments, they dedicate these days to specific schools, however, if you want to buy uniform on these days you can simply walk in without an appointment but be prepared for queues.

If you want to wait for the days allocated specifically for all students attending Ark At Alban’s Academy see below.

Please note; Clive Marks will not extend the dates for the 15% Voucher past the 1st of August 2020

10th August: 5pm-7.30pm

11th August: 5pm-7.30pm

19th August: 8am-7.30pm

23rd August: 10am-4pm

Parents are encouraged to buy uniform early to avoid queues and Clive Marks will offer up to two months for returns.


I have not received my Clive Marks 15% discount voucher

Please email or phone 0121 446 1311 leaving your name and number.


Physical Education uniform

This consists of an Academy blue t-shirt with school logo, black fleece with school logo (both to be purchased from Clive Marks. Plain black tracksuit bottoms with no large logos or stripes, black socks and suitable trainers. Plain black shorts are also permitted.

Football boots, shin pads and black football socks will be required for football matches.

Students are to carry this kit in an Academy branded PE bag also available from Clive Marks.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted within the Academy and therefore the Academy will not be held responsible if phones are lost, stolen or damaged on the premises. Mobile phones can be brought to the academy but will have to be left at reception where they will be stored securely until the students exit the building.


School Travel

Free school travel passes for pupils from low income families

To apply for free school travel assistance pass parents will need to complete an online application form at:

Free school travel assistance

To apply for free school travel assistance parents will need to complete an online application form at:

Telephone: 0121 303 4955



Paying for school meals

School meals are paid for using a cashless finger print system and therefore students will need to pay cash into a central cash machine so their account can be loaded up with money. On their first day at the Academy students will be allocated with an account linked to their finger print so that money can be uploaded immediately. We advise students to top up their account at the start of the school day so that money is not lost. There is currently no option to top up their account on line.


School Menus and Prices

St Alban’s Academy is committed to healthy eating and we ask that parents/carers to not allow their children to bring junk food, sweets or fizzy drinks to school. Energy drinks, fizzy drinks and chewing gum are not allowed within the academy.

Main Meal £2.25

Meal Deal: Option 1 £3.00

Main Meal + Dessert + Carton Drink

Meal Deal: Option 2 £3.20

Main Meal + Dessert + Bottled Drink

Prices are subject to change and are correct as of the month of June 2020.

Further information and menus can be found at


Lockers for Students

SENCO is responsible for approximately 12 lockers. These are allocated to students whom have medical needs and therefore need a locker to stop them carrying heavy bags around. Lockers will not be available to any other students.


Enrichment and Afterschool Activities

All students will be given an extra curriculum timetable informing them and parents of what clubs are available for students after school this includes all sports clubs.


Questions from students

Will I do exams at St. Alban’s in September because I did not sit my SATS?

You will need to take part in 2 exams one will be completed on line before the summer break and one will be completed when you arrive in school in your first week at the academy.

Details of the online test are to follow so don’t worry just yet.


Where will I get my school equipment?

In your welcome goody bag you will be issued with a pencil case, ruler, protractor, and rubber. All other items such as scientific calculator pens and pencils can be purchased from any supermarket or high street store and even on line.


When will I get my timetable?

You will be issued with your timetable on your first day at the academy and will be given time familiarise yourself with rooms and the building. Please visit the virtual tour by Mr Hoban and also the student welcome video to familiarise yourself with the building before you arrive.


Who will be my form teacher?

You will know who your form tutor is when you arrive for your induction but please don’t worry, they will be very excited to meet you and make you feel very welcome.