Becoming an effective leaner is vitally important. Like many things, being able to learn effectively is a skill that can be practised until it becomes a habit. Your learning habits will be monitored by all of your teachers and will be reported on each term
Essential habits for a great learner to acquire are:
Discipline - Through this habit, we value our right to learn, our teachers’ right to teach and our collective responsibility to contribute to our community.
Self-discipline - This is a habit we form within us; the intentional and frequent choice we make to bridge the gap between our goals and our accomplishments, with hard work and determination. It requires that we resist or wait, stop putting things off and get started, or simply: just keep going!
Mastery - This is the drive to get better and better at the things that matter. It is the habit that enables us to aspire for excellence, knowing that this journey brings joy.
Autonomy - This is the drive to direct and redirect our own lives, through a range of choices available to us. It requires that we choose to continue our learning outside of the work we do in our lessons: willingly engaging in independent practice and habitually making use of resources to complete our studies to the highest standard.