The library is open every day for students during term time from 7.30 am onwards. It is also open at break and lunchtimes, andafter school to enable students to complete independent practice, reading and extra study.
The library has a good selection of over 15,000 books, both fiction and non fiction, reference materials.

During mornings, break and lunchtimes the library is in huge demand so you may have to queue up outside and wait sensibly for your turn.

The library is a place for reading and silent study, therefore the same high expectations and rules of the academy apply to the library also.

Students are issued with a library card which they must show upon entry to the library and also produce when they want to take out a book.

Students are allowed up to 3 books, issued for 3 weeks.
If students lose their cards, a free initial replacement will be made, but subsequent cards will be charged at 50p.
A book club, ‘St Alban's Adventures in Reading’ will be run each term. This is a time for students to come along and share the best in new books aimed at young people.


My Top 5 Books: