”When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier”


The following values underpin all the work we do at St. Alban’s Academy. Holding true to these values helps us to make the right decisions and choices on our journey to University and beyond.
Discipline -  Through this habit, we value our right to learn, our teachers’ right to teach and our collective responsibility to contribute to our community.
Self-discipline is a habit we form within us; the intentional and frequent choice to bridge the gap between our goals and our accomplishments, with hard work and determination. It requires that we resist or WAIT, stop putting things off and get started, or simply: just keep going!


Can you think of a time in primary school you where you have had to show self discipline in order to succeed ?


Integrity - We are honest and fair. We are reliable and do what we say we will. We do the right thing, because it is right, not because someone is watching or because we want to be rewarded.



Scenario One:
Ibrahim has seen litter of the floor; to show integrity he should?

  • Walk past it
  • He picks it up because a teacher is watching
  • He puts it in the bin

Scenario Two:
You’ve seen someone calling another student names, what do you do?

  • Ignore what is being said
  • Inform the teacher share what has been
  • Share what has been said with friends


Belief - Belief in ourselves, our purpose and the work we are here to do, drives our effort and action. It sustains us when things are hard.



Set a goal for yourself that you can share with us in September?

How will you achieve this?