•  School blazer, school jumper, school tie
  •  White cotton shirt with buttons up to the collar
  •  Plain black unpleated skirt (below the knee)
  •  Plain black trousers
  •  Black tights or socks
  •  Plain black headscarf (no other colour, lace or adornment)
  •  No jewellery allowed (except a single stud in each ear and a simple, small, flat ring on each hand.
  •  Haircuts should be sensible and appropriate (shaven heads, hair dyed unnatural colours or other attention-seeking hairstyles are not appropriate).
  •  No Lipstick, eyeliner or other make-up. A light foundation is acceptable.
  •  Shoes should be plain black and without logos, adornments, patterns or markings of any kind.
  •  Hoodies or non academy jumpers are not allowed within the building
  •  Outdoor coats must be removed on entering the building.


  • 2 pens (black)
  • 2 pencils
  • Ruler, rubber and sharpener
  • Protractor and compass
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Planner
  • A reading book should be carried in your bag at all times


Your planner is a place to:

  • record EVERY Independent Practice
  • record your attendance and punctuality
  • record all your achievements and extra curricular commitments
  • record all detentions you receive
  • be signed and reviewed by you, your form tutor and your parent or guardian every week