We are a no shouting academy. This is because shouting is a loss of emotional control. We don’t shout at each other, ever.


Getting it right here at Ark St Alban’s Academy is easy. We have three simple expectations of every member of our academy – when we all get it right it means there is no learning time lost.

  • Arrive on time, properly equipped.
  • Do your homework and hand it in on time.
  • Do as your teacher asks, without questioning.



Every lesson you begin with a lesson score of a “3”. This means all expectations have been met.

If you do not meet the expectations the following system will be applied.


Student misbehaves in lesson, a warning is issued.



Misbehaviour continues: Lesson score is changed to "2" and student will serve a 30 minute detention on the same day.
If you receive poor scores in more than one lesson during the day you will serve a 60 minute detention.


Misbehaviour continues: Lesson score is changed to "1".
Student is removed from lesson to the Head of Department’s room. Student serves a 45 minute detention on the same day.

Internal Exclusion

Student continues to disrupt learning.

Student is removed to the Internal Exclusion and remains there until a family member collects them after 5pm.


Friday Detention - 2 Hours

Two or more days with poor scores in a week, truanting detention or behaving inappropriately during detention.

There are some things you will get put straight into detention for:

  • Chewing gum
  • Having your top button undone
  • Being late to the academy or a lesson
  • Not completing Independent Practice
  • Swearing in your conversations with each other
  • Having a mobile out at any time (you have to hand this in on arrival to the academy)
  • Arguing with a teacher about a warning
  • Eating or drinking in the corridor/classrooms/library
  • Poor corridor behaviour


And if you do something really wrong…

Certain behaviours for e.g. swearing, bullying, truanting, vandalism, cheating, verbal aggression , will result in serious consequences.

Depending on the nature of the behaviour this may include:

  • 2 hour Friday detention
  • Meeting with a member of the senior leadership team and parent
  • Pastoral report
  • Internal exclusion

The most serious of offences could result in permanent exclusion.