Access Apprenticeship Pilot - Meet all the Professionals

Meet all the Professionals!
Group of pupils in session

Today marked a significant milestone as our pupils on the Apprenticeship Pilot Scheme with Atkins Realis, were brought together with other pupils from different schools that are also on the programme with other established organisations which included Lendlease and HS2. They participated in a ‘getting to know you’ session with current senior professionals but also apprentices that work for all the organisations. This was executed in a fun activity where pupils, apprentices and professional volunteers got to ask each other questions. Moreover, pupils got to inquire about their roles and gain insightful perspectives on the apprenticeship application process, and their insights into the world of work and beyond.

This session added value and was extremely beneficial to all participants involved as it gave them depth of knowledge into the important attributes needed to explore options and the larger scale of what it takes to secure and be successful in the application process.

Our pupils have been inspired and have a much clearer vision for themselves that will now aid them through their application process, should they decide to pursue the apprenticeship route.


A very huge appreciation and sincere gratitude to all the organisations that made this event as successful as it was.

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As part of Character and exploring the big question 'where am I going next?' pupils are given the opportunity to meaningfully engage with employers and apprenticeship providers so they can make well informed decisions about their futures. 

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