Bio-energy Workshop at Aston University

Thursday 03 November 2022

Last half-term, Year 8 pupils attended a series of workshops at Aston University. Below Junayd describes a workshop the group participated in about energy sources. 

In the final workshop, me and the pupils of Y8 experienced many different ways that we can use energy from a fantasy world called "The island Of Obodo". In this island, you could have access to lots of vegetation and daily essentials as per usual. But most of all, there was a Monumental solar-powered refrigerator where you could store all your frozen products likes drinks, foods and even pizza. However, there was a major problem in the island, there was pretty much no energy. so, us pupils of Ark St Albans decided to create fun and creative nick-names as well as cool houses to become members of the Island of Obodo.

When we became members of the isle, us pupils strived into dedicated and hard-working hours to find out how Obodo could gain more energy to report to the council of Obodo. As a group we figured various ways we could use eco-friendly ways to use electricity and to prevent climate change from occurring. For example, we could use hydro-electric power from dams and nuclear energy from the earth as well as using wind turbines to create win powered energy. On the other hand, we decided to hypothesise on the negative impacts of having these new sources of electricity. As a year group, we thought that hydroelectric power from dams cost up to nearly £5 billion pounds and that nuclear energy is one of the most complex types of energy to claim.

After many presentations, from our classmates, we came to a conclusion that we could protest against the council of Obodo for better sources of energy and supporting them with their debatable choices. As a result, we learnt how we can shape our future, by using different types of energy to become an eco-friendly planet and so we can tackle the dangers of climate change.